Jeff Bollinger

Step back into the past and discover the unique world of Drumm Farm…


Funny how life has a tendency to throw curve balls at us as youths struggling through that quagmire of adolescence towards adulthood, and I think I’ve caught more than a few.


In January 1967 through happenstance or circumstances out of my control at the tender age of twelve, I left the comfort of my Mamo’s bosom. My new address? Andrew Drumm Institute. Home and work-farm for wayward and homeless boys. Independence, MO. Harry Truman’s town. Read more… »

Chapter 1 – Sent Up

Sent Up

January 26, 1967


The one hundred twenty mile drive from Emporia, Kansas to Independence, Missouri seemed a lot longer than the two hours it took us to get there that Thursday evening.


Judge Dick was driving, with Mrs. Hayes, Emporia’s resident truant officer, sitting shotgun. I was riding nigger.


I still wasn’t exactly sure what chain of events had led up to this ride. It was more like a dream. Or maybe it was just a scare tactic, and any minute now, Judge Dick would turn this car around, and say, “Okay Jeff. I hope you’ve learned your lesson,” then drive me back home to Mamo. Read more… »